Phenols and ketone industrial chain

Chemical fiber feedstock

UPR industrial chain

Methanol and downstream products

Acetic acid and downstream products

Plasticizer industrial chain

Port methanol invnetory


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Opt Product name Region Warehouse area Dec 22,2022 Dec 29,2022 Jan 5,2023 Jan 12,2023 Jan 19,2023 DoD
Methanol China Total coastal inventory
Methanol South China South China inventory
Methanol East China East China inventory
Methanol Jiangsu Jiangsu inventory
Methanol Ningbo Ningbo inventory
Methanol Zhejiang Zhejiang inventory
Methanol Guangdong Guangdong inventory
Methanol Fujian Fujian inventory
Methanol Jiangsu Jiangsu negotiable
Methanol Guangdong Guangdong negotiable
Methanol Fujian Fujian negotiable
Methanol Guangxi Guangxi inventory